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For more than 7 years, ShifTech Engineering has been THE reference in the area of engine preparation on a dynamometer.

Benefitting from state-of-the-art equipment operated by a team highly skilled in engine preparation, the company is able to develop its own optimisation programmes accurately and reliably.

ShifTech Engineering offers you a custom-made solution adapted to suit your vehicle and your driving style so you can discover a new driving experience.

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Engine reprogramming

Modern vehicles have fuel-injection engines and electronic gearboxes: the control unit.
This unit controls numerous settings in order to ensure that your engine functions correctly.
Engine reprogramming consists of optimising the programme in this unit to improve engine performance. It may also provide more power and torque.
Like any computer, the control unit has a processor and a memory. The memory stores different values and settings in binary form.
They are interpreted in hexadecimal by a programme that classifies them by address. The main role of the motor mechanic is to know the address system.
The address system is different for each control unit. There can be no fewer than 12 variations for the same model of vehicle, which is why it is important to customise the work.
Secondly, the aim of reprogramming is to enhance the settings while respecting the manufacturer’s tolerances and trying to obtain the most homogeneous and coherent curve possible.
That’s why it’s important to work with a dynamometer fitted with a blower as well as with the official diagnostic tools.
The gains listed under the “Reprogramming” tab are averages obtained if the vehicle is in good condition.


Always at the leading edge of technology, ShifTech Engineering has the manufacturer’s analysis tools. These allow us to make an exact diagnosis in order to guarantee reliable performance and detect any anomaly in the prepared vehicle. 

These tools allow no fewer than 40 engine settings to be measured, including: 


- ignition 

- ignition delay on each cylinder

- short-term adjustment

- richness

- high-pressure pump pressure

- low-pressure pump pressure

- air intake temperature

- exhaust temperature

- engine temperature

- amount of incoming air 

- injection duration

- turbo pressure (relative and absolute)

- wastegate position

- butterfly valve position

- load, relative and absolute

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