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ShifTech Engineering - 提升马力(动力) - Chiptuning Chrysler Sebring 2007 2.0 CRD 136HP - Reprogramming Chrysler Sebring 2007 Diesel 2.0 CRD 136HP choice of model Configuration

Illustration Sebring
Figures Power Torque
Original: 136HP 315Nm
Gain: +39HP +85Nm
Tuned : 175HP 400Nm

Here are the results after reprogramming of the engine control unit. We ensure the tolerances set by the manufacturer for the engine and gearbox are not exceeded.


We guarantee five years of efficient operation of the mapping and to return the vehicle to its original state if it’s going to be sold. We guarantee a power and torque increase after reprogramming, provided the engine is in good condition and servicing has been carried out at the right time. If your engine management system is updated by your dealer, we will reprogramme it free of charge based on the update.

Your gain

+39HP / +85Nm 175HP / 400Nm

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DRS AUTO 上海市的宝山区呼兰西路129号
200444 上海市 ( Shanghai )